“Technology is enabling our need to be mobile. We want to ensure that Learning matches our Lifestyle.” Tony Binghame.

Master the knowledge to exceed and excel at your own pace. Learn easy with Brainbox. The wrestling ring for inquisitive minds.

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CBSE 7th Science

CBSE 7th Maths

CBSE 8th Sanskrit

CBSE 7th Hindi






Brainbox covers the following boards:
1. Telangana State Board
2. Andhra Pradesh State Board
3. Central Board of Secondary Education
4. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education



Brainbox covers all the subjects of classes from 6th to 10th, 11th & 12th

Blended learning

learning simplified,  blending class work and home work

“Some of the brightest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

It’s time to spice up the learning process to get the backbenchers to participate early on. At Brainbox, we bring out the best in students so that they are able to bring their talent to the fore from the very beginning. We lay the very foundation on which their future careers can rest upon. We are here to rise above the barriers of time and place to create a purpose-built learning environment.

Our comprehensive learning programs add ‘fun’ to learning. We bridge the gap between teaching and learning. Our motto is to take out the complexities of learning and make it simple every step of the way. We help schools and educational institutions digitize their functions for a better learning experience. Our approach is need-based and our offerings are flexible and aplenty. We handpick our tutors to ensure outstanding learning outcomes for all.

Brainbox is not just a platform for online tuitions, but an enriching learning environment that nourishes minds.

Come, Learn easy with Brainbox. We promise there’s no better way to learn. And have so much fun!


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Learn easy,

Teach easy.

Learning at school

Continued to home.



All round support by Brainbox

365 days support

Chat with peers

Parents Collborations


After-school tuitions shouldn’t make you cringe. Precisely why, our tiny teaching capsules are curated to help learn easy. They come in many forms and for multiple devices to suit your pace and need. Take advantage of our myriad courses and techniques. Our study programs are interactive and engaging.

Chat with peers. Talk to teachers. Tease your brains.
Happy Learning! 


When the learning needs are evolving all the time, why should teaching methods be the same? Leverage our 365-day support to scale with Brainbox. Our intuitive programs will help you map the learning journeys of students and understand how they learn and adapt. Allow us to update your staff with the latest teaching trends and guide them through innovative tools and techniques that are being used globally.

We urge you to consider our total school management solutions too.

Call us today to know how we can partner with you! 

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Add a dash of creativity to teaching methods with Brainbox. Use our intuitive course builder to retain your unique style while updating it with modern teaching tools. We also offer continuous support all 365 days to empower you to create custom content. Our ready-to-use content libraries are readily available to make quick tweaks to existing modules.

We urge you to deploy this digital platform for a more engaging experience. You may also record classes that can be archived for offline viewing. You can align class recordings as per the curriculum to transform the way you teach while expanding your teaching capabilities.

No matter what you want to teach, we can always help you with the 
‘How’. Call us now! 

Learn easy with
visualised graphic video classes

Live classes

3D/2D Animation
Concept Videos



Learning should never feel like a burden or punishment. We therefore strongly recommend microlearning or bitesize learning to help your children consume content in small parts for better comprehension and retention.

We are also your best bet if you wish to monitor the academic growth of your child without being intrusive. We help you keep a tab on their daily progress and performance. Our courses are perfectly aligned with the school syllabus and eliminate the need of having extra tuitions for any subject.

Help your child learn easy with Brainbox. Call us now to embark on a journey of joyful learning!


Brainbox is affordable and inexpensive. You can subscribe courses for individual subjects for the entire year. It will weigh less for your mind and your wallet!

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