About Us

At Brainbox, we bring out the best in students so that they are able to bring their talent to the fore from the very beginning. We lay the very foundation on which their future careers can rest upon. We are here to rise above the barriers of time and place to create a purpose-built learning environment.

Our comprehensive learning programs add ‘fun’ to learning. We bridge the gap between teaching and learning. Our motto is to take out the complexities of learning and make it simple every step of the way. We help schools and educational institutions digitize their functions for a better learning experience. Our approach is need-based and our offerings are flexible and aplenty. We handpick our tutors to ensure outstanding learning outcomes for all.

Brainbox is not just a platform for online tuitions, but an enriching learning environment that nourishes minds.

Come, learn easy with Brainbox. We promise there’s no better way to learn. And have so much fun!